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About Me

Welcome! My name is Lasaundra Danielle, but I generally go by Lacy. I'm a proud Mother of an awesome teenager, who has always been a great model for me! She is a big reason I decided to follow my passion and pursue what I love. 

       I am born and raised in California, and I absolutely love it. I love hiking and being outdoors, I love the natural beauty that California has all over it, which makes for amazing photography. I also love to travel and find beauty in many many places. I would love to explore this world so much more and capture every bit of it!

       I have been a hairstylist for 15  years, and while I've really enjoyed it, photography has always been a strong passion of mine. So I took the plunge and pursued it as a career and I couldn't be any happier. I absolutely love being able to take a moment and make it a memory. I am drawn to all types of photography. Families, children, couples, weddings, and nature. Anything that I see an opportunity for a beautiful photo speaks to me. I love the beauty of love and family.

       Our photography sessions are always fun and easy going, I aim to make everyone involved feel as comfortable as possible. As your photographer, I enjoy every bit of the process we go through. Creating an image that you love, and brings meaning to you, to show off in your home or to share with family and friends, is something very special to me. When I have the pleasure of creating something beautiful for people, and building relationships through my work, I’m fulfilled. It brings me so much happiness to hear or see the love and joy I bring to people with my photography.

       Please take a look around my website, view my work, and my style, and enjoy! If you’re interested in a session, please go to the contact page on my website and feel free to call or message me.


Thank you so much for visiting


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